Global Diplomatic Leader

Fabienne* had held even more senior positions in the past. Rotating back into a central role, having been out in the field for some time, she was questioning her real career aims, the political landscape, and her sense of self in that.

 "I found working with Ian very useful in dealing with my working issues. His support during the stress of applying for a new role gave me the chance to consider the best way to do that, and still deal with everyday business. There were also personal changes at the same time, and Ian showed compassionate understanding in accompanying me through that part of my journey too."
 Senior Consultant in Strategy and Development

Klaus-Maria was having some challenges in building a supportive network. Frustrations around authentic company leadership were beginning to get in the way of his excellent performance, client skills, and how he was perceived.

 "Coaching with Ian helped me to find some old and new images for my work situation, which surprised me. I realised that I had certain feelings about my workplace and colleagues that I hadn't talked about before. Working with him was very powerful in helping me to develop some ideas and tools to think and do things differently. Another important outcome was to explore how building a more diverse support network could provide ongoing support for where I wanted to be."

International Field Affairs, NGO

Karl had recently moved from an in-place high-pressure role where he was confronted daily with tough negotiations, physical threat and humanitarian choices. Moving to a longer-term development role, in a contrasting, more slowly paced environment, Karl was looking for "now" support to reinstate humanitarian- and self-purpose at the forefront of his daily life.

 "Coaching with Ian was quite different to any experience that I had before. I felt quite stuck with my reports, and in how I was reacting to my choice of new country and my role. We explored the use of visual images in motivating my staff, and myself, to become reconnected to our humanitarian purpose. Somehow I felt that we had lost sight of why we do what we do, becoming a business office like any other. Working with Ian helped support me to reorientate myself to my new workplace and environment."

Independent Programme Leader

Lucian wanted to confirm his strengths and clarify improvements. By defining his aspirations more clearly, and the steps needed to work towards them, he allowed his future potential to be realised.

"Working with Ian was an eye-opening experience as he helped me getting a different perspective on my working environment, colleagues and myself. He is a very good sparing partner and senses reoccurring patterns and pain points. In our conversation I was able to get a deeper understand why they occur and how I can avoid them.  The work with Ian also supported the way how I look at work life in general. It immensely helped me to understand my role and be aware of my my strength, skills and areas of improvement. I was able to make changes to my work life which were overdue. The biggest outcome for me was that I was able to define the next steps and goals for my professional life. It is much better to go to work every day if you know what you are heading at. "

Consulting Manager for Global Services

 Susan, a high performing consultant had recently been promoted. Having reached this position, and finding the politics frustrating, she was asking herself "Is this what I really want... and what now?". Our work focussed on constructing a deeper sense of who she is and her needs.

 "I am actually looking at my whole life and asked Ian to provide support whilst so much is changing - home, city, and professionally - and yet I feel I am also standing still. Ian helped me to see the highs and lows differently, to think about what I really want, and to work out strategies for making the right choices. We are still working together on my business relationships, and I can already feel a change in how I feel about myself."

 Senior Research Professor

Françoise was concerned that she had allowed many relationships in her network to drift away. She was aiming to build a team for an exciting new piece of research, and had noticed that several key relationships were no longer working. Our work focussed on asking how come, and bringing her back into herself, reinforcing ways of relating to others that could have more positive networking outcomes.

 "The work with Ian helped me to come back to myself and what I needed from others around me. I had started to drift away from building relationships and become more focussed on daily disruption. I was struggling a bit to see the bigger picture of who I really was. His questions really made me think about what I needed to do to build myself back up into being seen as a credible leader. This was important for me, as I already knew that big changes were ahead, and needed to prepare key relationships for them. I also had quite a lot going on in my personal life, and Ian's coaching support helped me to focus my development where it was really needed."

 Independent Media Consultant

 Julia was facing some challenges in the world on independent media. She brought her wish to develop deeper, stronger, and wider professional relationships to support her networking needs - and settle on an authentic identity.

 "I found our coaching work very important to me in reinforcing my sense of self-worth and identity in a difficult profession. Was I going to continue in this career or should I explore something different? I began to see how personal relationships were so important to marketing myself and my skills in to a wider world. I found Ian's supportive stretching of my ideas really important in making changes to how I viewed myself and what I wanted to do. I have now made some new contacts in exactly the area that I want to work, and feel confident in presenting myself as who I really am."

 Global Process Leader

 Brian was stuck. Having done all he felt was possible, little seemed to be changing. He asked to work together on discovering what he really wanted, and building better relationships to support transitioning into a new role. 

 "I didn't know quite what to expect at all from Coaching with Ian. This was quite different than anything I had experienced. Working with him really helped me to focus on myself and what I needed to do to get the best outcome for me, in a volatile and uncertain organisational environment. I was exploring new positions during our work, as well as my professional identity. After many of the sessions I noticed that I have been literally doing the work myself by thinking out loud and answering my own questions while Ian was simply guiding me with the right inputs at the right time. The resulting effect was impressive and powerful, as I learned that my potential exists within me and just needs to be brought to my awareness."


Conflict Negotiation

Client feedback is really important in my work, especially as a model for how clients themselves continue to develop in their relationships.     Read what some clients have to say ...

Clients Say ...

Clients Say ...

* All Names and Titles have necessarily been aliased to protect the confidential nature of our work

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