As an experienced Masters Executive Coach I appreciate the value that regular Supervision brings to my own practice. And, in answer to the most common question I get asked, "Yes, Supervisors have Supervision too!".

Increasingly, Business Leaders are being asked to use Coaching Skills in their work. They are also looking for a similar environment and groups, to share and reflect on their own coaching challenges with peers.

All professional Coaches, whatever modality or segment they practice in, value a confidential space where they can professionally explore issues and concerns arising in their own work; reflecting and sharing with other professionals to develop together.

Supervision topics for internal Coaches and "Leaders who Coach" revolve around professional boundaries, confidentiality and the potential conflicts of interest inherent in an long-term organisational relationship: a valued friend and colleague wanting to engage the internal Coach for themselves; being asked to report on outcomes for the known partner of a senior manager with a line relationship; and negotiating internal politics and funding.

For external, independent, Coaches additional boundary questions also arise in terms of commercial acquisition, the need for trusted professional relationships with other coaches and, of, course ethical and commercial concerns.

All of this sits on top of working with the actual coachee, their expectations, engagement, wants and needs from coaching.

In response to this, I offer various possibilities for Coaching Supervision together: individual or group; privately funded or company sponsored.

I do have new in-person and virtual groups starting this year under the "Coaching for Coaches" banner, which are more focussed on inclusive peer-supervision for the wide church that is Coaching. Often, depending on their training and practice, it can be the first experience of Supervision for some Coaches.

As professional Coaches we are always learning, and what better way to do that than in the company of other diverse professionals in a confidential, and non-commercially-solicitative, environment?

As with my Executive Coaching, I am a Masters Accredited Executive Coach, trained and accredited at Ashridge Business School. I am also a active member of the professional coaching body, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, currently formalising my experience in teaching and group skills with a Post-Graduate teaching qualification.

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Coaching Supervision (Consultation) is based upon confidentiality and a mutual professional relationship.  Get in touch and we'll work from there ...

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