As an accredited Masters Executive Coach and qualified Counsellor, I specialise in supporting senior leaders and emerging executives to build better professional relationships for, and with, themselves.

Most of my work is focused on helping individuals in transition and inclusion - moving in or out of new roles, business areas or organisations.  The "last 90 hours, the first 90 days" in transition are often the most challenging. Leaving behind certainty, and needing to fast-build new relationships, often needs external confidential support to make the best of the opportunity.

Moving geo-location in addition to organisational changes adds another dimension. Not only has the work environment become new, personal support networks are put under stress too.  This requires specialised support from someone who knows those challenges, and can help prepare a tailored support programme.  For inclusion challenges, this may involve working with a team and their new leader, or integrating a new member into a leadership team.

In the last 30 years I have helped many C-suite members, high-potentials and individuals on management development programmes achieve their best during such transitions.

My experience of working in customer-led, large, and complex organisations on individual and strategic performance in the Consumer, Diplomatic, Manufacturing, NGO, Pharma and Consulting sectors has prepared me for most coachee's needs.

I do find, that working with individuals in their organisation as an Executive Coach has proven the most effective way for them to gain insight into new relationship strategies. It is remarkable how much difference people can make for themselves, when they simply take a few hours a month to reflect on the "how" of what they do.

Executive Coaching sessions are typically of 2 hours a month over 6-12 months. Some individuals and organisations prefer a more focussed approach, especially if the coachee has been quickly appointed and had little time to prepare - or has decided that something needs to be attended to before derailment.

Mentoring engagements tend to be longer and less frequently held, focussing or more long-term transition and individual positioning.

Preparing a flexible, yet robust, individual development programme is top of the list for any Executive Coaching or Mentoring engagement which I take. This can also allow for ad-hoc support by email and telephone should, for example, specific one-time support been needed.

I am a Masters Accredited Executive Coach, trained and accredited at Ashridge Business School. I am also a active member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching involves trust and commitment. Simply get in touch and we'll work from there ...