Relationship Coaching involves more than one participant, yet I will remain wholly neutral. If you would like to explore your options for resolving conflict differently individually and in groups,  get in touch and we'll work from there ...

Conflict Negotiation

As a Qualified Counsellor and Civil Mediator, I'm experienced in personal and workplace relationships.

Relationship Coaching is a particularly useful process in the workplace and, clearly, involves more than one participant. Tensions may escalate through a hierarchical conflict or dispute, between a leader or manager, and a staff member; between competing leadership peers; or between rival groups trying to secure or protect scarce business resources.

Large, resource-hungry global programmes can typically cause conflict to escalate.  Competing for people's scarce time and the company's funding often disrupts the normal flow of give-and-take, leading to a breakdown in trusted relationships - and to escalating conflict.

Sessions of individual Executive Coaching can help prepare individuals for the relationship building process, reduce the amount of time needed to bring both parties together, and accelerate the face to face process. In my practice this is essentially what we are working on with both parties: developing skills to negotiate a resolution of conflict, though building better relationships between them.

The speed and professional manner in which conflicting parties often return to a mutually agreed way of conducting necessary business, facilitated during a focussed resolution negotiation, can be surprising.

I practice a neutral, principled and transparent mediative approach to Relationship Coaching. I will support all parties involved in developing the necessary relationship skills. In the mediated negotiation between both parties, everything that passes is wholly confidential, and I am strictly neutral. 

Relationship Coaching

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